Five Cool Features That Will Turn Any Pool Into an Oasis


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Swimming pools are an amazing way to kick back, relax, and splash around in the comforts of your own backyard.
But if you’re tired of your pool’s standard features, here are five fun add-ons that turn any pool into an absolute oasis:
LED Pool Lighting System
LED pool lights are an easy, affordable, and energy efficient means of creating an ambiance in your pool landscape. LED pool lighting is extremely energy efficient, as a 12-volt light will run for approximately 1,000 hours before needing to be replaced.
LED pool lights come in a range of colors, allowing you to create a paradise that rings true to you.

Beach Entry Pools
If you ever wanted your pool experience to feel more like a beach experience, contractors have that covered for you. A very popular new trend in pool design is lagoon style, or beach entry pools. Instead of having steps, the pool offers a slow incline that mimics how we step into the ocean. These pools often feature a finish in a plethora of colors and textures that aim to mimic the look and feel of sand at the beach.

Salt Water Pool Systems
Salt water pools use saltwater to purify your swimming pool, reducing the incidence of harmful microorganisms without the threat of harsh pool chemicals. Salt water pools also provide additional benefits, such as the ability to oxidize other chemicals such as sweat, and sunscreen. Saltwater pools are less harsh on skin and hair, and provide a refreshing, beach-like swimming experience.

Swimming Pool Waterfall
Adding a waterfall to any pool setting is surprisingly easy and a great way to make your backyard look like your own personal oasis. Not only will the added feature bring your yard closer to nature, but the soothing sounds of running water will be built in spa treatment to anyone in the pool’s vicinity!

Built in Spas
If you’re seeking a true experience of relaxation, double your pool as an outdoor spa with an added feature of an attached hot tub. Spas are ideal for all regions, as they remain useful throughout the frigid winter months when the pool is long past closed! Built in spas can also be salt-regulated if you wish.

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