5 Ways Gymnastics Can Benefit Your Child


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When kids hit age 6 or so, it’s a good time to start thinking about getting them started in a sport or other activity to build important physical skills and character traits. One option that you should strongly consider for your child is gymnastics/tumbling classes. Why? Here are five important things gymnastics can offer to children:

  1. Fitness and Strength

    Obesity is becoming a major problem for U.S. children, with about a third of all children now being considered overweight or obese. By getting your son or daughter into a physically demanding yet fun activity like gymnastics, you can help him or her to stay moving and build healthy habits. Plus, your child will be able to safely gain strength with gymnastics coaches there to watch out for any truly dangerous situations.

  2. Coordination

    Children need to learn to coordinate their bodies, and gymnastics is an excellent way to help them both practice how to use various body parts together and how to move in relation to space and other objects. These skills transfer over into other sports and everyday life, too, meaning there’s a lasting benefit even if your child doesn’t want to stick with gymnastics long term.

  3. Self Confidence

    Tumbling can be scary for young kids, but they learn self confidence by mastering these skills in a supportive environment. Kids’ classes start off with simple techniques to get the children enthusiastic about gymnastics, then help them to slowly build up their confidence and technique.

  4. Discipline

    Gymnastics is a tough sport, no doubt about it. Gymnastics coaches can help, of course, but ultimately your child will need to work hard in order to succeed. That’s a life lesson all children need.

  5. Team Building

    Not all aspects of gymnastics are team-based, but gymnastics is the basis of many team sports such as competitive cheerleading. Classes, especially for younger kids, are an excellent way for kids to socialize even as they work on developing their individual skills.

Have you thought about gymnastics for your child, or do you have any childhood experiences with gymnastics you’d like to share? Join the discussion in the comments.

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