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Growing Popularity of Motorcycles and The Community It Creates


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Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? If you have, it?s likely you were hooked after your first ride. Whether you went to a motorcycle dealer, rode on a used motorcycle for sale, or hopped on one of your friend?s motorcycles, the first ride can make you want to purchase your own. Riding a motorcycle is more like a hobby than it is just a way to get around from one place to another. For motorcyclists, the opportunity to ride a motorcycle on a nice day, fix up their motorcycle on their own, and be part of a motorcycle community make riding motorcycles more than just a means of transportation.

Interested in learning more about motorcycles and how popular they are in the United States? Keep reading for more information about how committed motorcyclists are to their bikes and their community.

Popularity of Motorcycles in the United States

Over the years, motorcycles have become more and more popular throughout the country. In 2015 alone, more than 500,000 motorcycles were purchased at a motorcycle dealer or another location. In 2014, the number that were sold was 3.5% lower. So, in only one year, there was that much of an increase in the sales of motorcycles. Another reason we know that motorcycles continue to gain popularity is due to the number of first-time motorcycle buyers. Every year, around 22% of people who buy a motorcycle are doing so for the first time. So, they have gained interest in motorcycles and want to keep learning about this mode of transportation.

When it comes to riding motorcycles that have been bought from a motorcycle dealer, many motorcyclists choose to ride their bike whenever the opportunity presents itself. They don?t simply want to ride their bike every once in a while when they remember they have it. On average, a motorcyclist will ride their bike 10 days of the year at least. They ride their bikes for a variety of reasons. If they need to commute to work, oftentimes they ride their motorcycle. They also manage to use this means of transportation for other activities like groceries, shopping, traveling, etc. Each year, more than one billion miles are ridden by motorcycles across the country showing just how much people ride their bikes.

Reasons Why Riding a Motorcycle Is More Than Just Transportation

For many people who ride motorcycles, it?s more than just a means for transportation. In fact, it?s a way to build a community. There are bike riding associations that many motorcyclists join. On average, if someone decides to join or is already in a bike riding association, they have likely ridden motorcycles for over 26 years. This shows how committed they are to riding motorcycles.

Motorcyclists don?t just stop at riding their bikes, though. They tend to take the best care possible of their bikes. That includes maintaining their bike on their own rather than using a motorcycle repair shop. 60% of people who ride motorcycles at least attempt to maintain and repair their bikes on their own. When they?ve reached a spot in the project where they don?t know what else to do to fix a problem, then they?ll take it to a motorcycle repair shop. 30% of motorcycle riders make sure they handle all the maintenance and repairs on their own entirely.

Most motorcycle riders even go the extra mile by taking a training course or two. Around 70% have at least taken one training course at some point in their life to learn more about their bike, riding, and safety precautions. When you join a community or a bike riding association, you can also learn a lot from the fellow members about how to ride the motorcycle properly and about what types of precautions to take when riding. At the same time, it can?t hurt to be overly prepared by taking some training courses, too.

Have you ever bought a motorcycle from a motorcycle dealer? Did you buy Harley Davidson motorcycles are do you prefer a different type? Let us know in the comments what your favorite kinds of motorcycles are and why you love riding.

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