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Have You Experienced Hog Hunting at an Oklahoma Ranch Yet?


Hog hunting with dogs

Many Americans love to spend time outdoors hunting and fishing. About 15.5 million people in the United States like to go on hunting trips. Many Americans, or about 12.75% of the population, either go hunting or fishing on a regular basis.

Boar hunting, in particular, is popular in this country. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that there are over 6 million feral pigs living throughout 39 states. You may be aware that pigs were first introduced to North America about 500 years ago by Spanish explorers. Since then, their numbers have increased considerably.

You may be aware that feral hogs cause a considerable amount of damage throughout the country. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has reported that about $1.5 billion in damage is caused as a result of these feral hogs depleting crops and contaminating water with various diseases. Furthermore, the USDA also reports that these hogs also erode the land that surrounds various water sources.

It’s interesting to note that pigs have 1,113 olfactory receptor genes. Humans, however, just have 367. Since pigs have such an acute sense of smell, they are able to sense odors 5 miles away. Hogs are also known to reproduce at a fast rate. Every year, they will usually give birth to about 12 to 20 piglets.

Given that there is such a large feral swine population, wild boar hunting trips can decrease their numbers. Furthermore, since these animals cause considerable environmental and financial damage, according to the USDA, it is important to deplete their numbers. When their numbers are depleted, it will also decrease the amount of damage that they cause to farms and other locales.

At some point, each of Oklahoma’s 77 counties have had feral swine populations. Currently, these wild pigs continue to be located throughout the state. Have you ever been wild boar hunting? If you have gone on boar hunting trips before, have you experienced exotic hunts in Oklahoma yet? Whether you prefer hog hunting with dogs or without, going on exotic hunts in Oklahoma may be just the type of trip you’ve been planning to book.

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