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Hot Tub Maintenance for Beginners — All You Need to Know Off Hand


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A high quality hot tub is often one of the best selling points for homes, luxury hotels, etc. There’s just something about a hot tub that says “Yes. Life does not get any better than this. I made it. I AM ROYALTY.”

That is, until one of the powerful jets starts sputtering weakly, or the water takes on a worryingly green tint. Hot tubs are only as good as how they are maintained, and so we’ve prepared a basic guide below:

How to Keep the Inside of Your Hot Tub Spiffy
It can be tempting after laying out the $6,000 or more for the initial hot tub installation, to neglect the routine checks and water cleanings a bit. Please don’t do this. If you take care of your hot tub, it can last in top condition for nearly twenty years and be a source of pleasure and comfort for the whole family. However, dirty hot tubs or hot tubs with faulty wiring can pose grave health risks. A good hot tub interior includes all three of the following:
Powerful water purification chemicals: Your hot tub dealer will have specific recommendations, but the go-to purification chemicals nowadays are Ozone, baquanine, bromine, chlorine, and some mineral-based options.
Sanitizer: The sanitizer works to keep all the purification chemicals in balance and gives the water inside your hot tub that crystal clear look. Generally, your hot tub should get the make-and-model-specified dose of sanitizer at least once a week. This “shocks” the water and re-ups the chemical balance.
A filter in good working order: To ensure your hot tub lives a long, full life, you should be cleaning the filter monthly. If your filter looks dirty no matter how hard you scrub it, has a crack or is even fraying, then you should look into having it replaced. Also, watch for any flickering lights, tripped fuses, or other problems with the AMP circuit used to propel the water in the hot tub. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you how dangerous a beleaguered electrical circuit could be in this context.

But What About the Exterior?
Hot tubs, like pools, have their season. In order to protect your hot tub from the elements, bacteria, heat loss, animals, and other hazards, you’re going to have to invest in a high quality hot tub cover. The best material available for hot tub covers today is definitely vinyl. Vinyl is strong and the most resistant to UV rays, stains, etc. Furthermore, vinyl will retain heat and keep pests out.

Note:It is important to keep your vinyl cover clean by hosing it off every few days. If you want to take the extra step of treating the cover with vinyl protector, ONLY TREAT THE TOP OF THE COVER so as to avoid contaminating the hot tub water. Let your cover air dry after a good cleaning.

We aren’t going to lie. Hot tubs are a lot of work! They cost between $20 and $30 a month to maintain and sometimes you feel like you’re a mad scientist, so many chemicals and procedures are required. But once you sink into the warm, bubbling water with a glass of Merlot, a good book, or a friend, you’ll quickly forget the toil involved with scrubbing the cover or measuring out chlorine. We promise.

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