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How Magnetic Tiles And Building Blocks Make Your Child Smarter


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Everyone wants what’s best for their child’s psychological and physical development. People look for healthy food to pack in their child’s lunch, comfortable clothes to wear in the cold weather and positive television shows to boost their self-esteem. Now what about the toys they play with? Magnetic building blocks are becoming an increasingly popular option for parents who want their kids to have fun while being mentally stimulated and prepared for the future. Below I’ll list the top reasons you should consider buying educational toys for your child!

A Blossoming Market

The global toy market is ever-expanding, hitting over $80 billion as of 2012 and skyrocketing from there! There are many toys available for every child’s unique interests and needs, such as magnet tiles, construction sets and building blocks. But how do these colorful and cute items encourage healthy brain function?

Children’s Cognitive Development

Did you know the human brain continues to grow up to the age of 18? That’s a lot of time to cultivate a healthy learning environment! From babies to toddlers, children are constantly learning and assessing the world around them through color, numbers and sound. Children ages three to five learn how to sort objects by shape and color, while children ages five to six are able to count up to 10 objects at a time. Best of all: you get some free time while your child becomes smarter. It’s a win-win!

Encourage Healthy Brain Growth

When it comes to counting, measuring and sorting color, magnetic building blocks and tiles cover all the necessary basics and then some. Becoming comfortable with math and art at an early age can help your child find a personable career down the road — it’s been found that 66% of adults working as accountants or bankers played with puzzles as children, while over 60% of designers and architects loved building blocks. Some products, like To Board, can even give your child more freedom to build, unlike smaller brands like Magna Tiles.

Top Tips For Productive Playtime

It’s recommended that you give your child anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes at a time to play uninterrupted. This gives them the opportunity to soak in necessary information and encourages healthy well-being. A stimulating environment will provide your child with a 25% higher chance of learning and retaining information, to boot. Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, what educational toys are you considering for your child’s next birthday?

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