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What You Need to Know About Fly Fishing


Wading boots for fly fishing

With a $750 million American market, fly fishing is an incredibly popular activity. In fact, 32% of fly anglers are actually exclusively fly fisherman. If you’re newer to the activity, there’s no need to worry. With the rise of the internet, you will have no trouble finding fly fishing tips to get you started. Read on for what you need to know about fly fishing!

What It Is

Fly fishing is a method of angling that uses an artificial fly. The fisherman casts with a fly rod, reel, and a weighted line made specifically for this method. It uses significantly different casting techniques than traditional fishing. It is done in salt or fresh water, and fishing techniques depend on whether you’re fishing in a lake, pond, small stream, large river, bay, or open ocean.

When To Go

There are opportunities to go fishing through the entire year, but typically June through October are the best months to go fly fishing. The best month will depend on what you prefer in terms of weather and what you like using at lures. For example, August is great for fisherman using grasshoppers as lures.

What You Need

The main thing you need is a fly rod, which is six feet long for freshwater fishing and about 15 feet long for fishing for salmon and steelhead. You will also want to invest in fly reels, fly fishing vests, and other small fly fishing tools. This mainly includes lures and boots. Fly fishing tools are absolutely necessary to have a great and successful experience.

Are you planning to go fly fishing anytime soon? How often do you go? What are your favorite things about it? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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