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How To Keep Your Tennis Courts Looking Sharp


If you’re setting up a tennis court for a park or other public setting, keeping your court easy to maintain and organize should be a top priority. After all, the easier it is to keep it clean, the more likely it is that the players using the court will help out. There are a few tips, tricks, and tennis court accessories that you can (and should) be using to help keep with public tennis court cleanup.

Location And Positioning Matter

The most important element to consider when planning out your brand new tennis court, of course, is where it should be located. Be sure to select an area with enough room that allows you to build your tennis court at the correct angle. There are two principles that govern the orientation of tennis courts: the position of the sun and the effects of shadows cast onto the court surface.

Low Maintenance Materials

Now that you know where you’ll be constructing your tennis court, do you know what materials you should be making it out of? Not all tennis courts are created equal, particularly when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. The key to keeping tennis courts clean and in good repair is to reduce the amount of work it takes. Look for low-maintenance materials that can hold up against frequent, heavy use.

Everything In Its Place

Finally, no tennis court is complete without all the right accessories. Everything from tennis court benches to hopper carts to court cleaning tools to trash baskets can be what separates a clean court from a cluttered one. While items like hopper carts might not necessarily be essential to game play, they’re invaluable when it comes to cleaning and organizing your court. Instead of having loose tennis balls lying around the edges of your court near your fencing, you’ll instead have a neat and organized way to store them. The more you can encourage neatness and organization on your public court, the better.

Everything from court positioning to the right hopper carts can greatly impact how organized your court looks. For more information or to stock up on the right tennis court accessories for a neat court, contact All Star Tennis Courts today.

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