Kenai River The Fishing Vacation Of Your Dreams


Alaska fishing trips

Fishing in Alaska is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Alaska is one of the only locations in America … and perhaps the world … that remains largely untouched by man, with plenty of open wilderness still left to be enjoyed. An Alaskan fishing vacation should be the trip of a lifetime, especially for those who value natural beauty, want to experience cabin life, and wish to encounter the stunning Kenai River.

Kenai Fishing Charters: The Adventure Nobody Will Forget

When it comes to Alaska fishing packages, none compare to those that will be provided by Kenai fishing charters. Kenai River is among Alaska’s most scenic and majestic natural features, and is the most popular fishing destination in the whole of Alaska! Kenai River fishing is particularly known for its large amounts of King and Chinook salmon. In fact, the world record holder for largest King Salmon, at 97 pounds, was caught in the Kenai River in 1985, and the river is home to trophy … sized rainbow trout and Dolly Varden fish, their sizes extending over 30 inches long! That being said, there has been talk of even bigger fish being caught in the Kenai River, with some King Salmon rumored to weigh 100 pounds.

The Alaskan Fishing Lodge: The Beauty Of The Chase

Many Kenai fishing charters offer great packages that include luxury log cabins, Kenai river guides and fishing trips all together, with the boat, of course, included. You can expect your boat to be around 37 feet long, as is the average for salmon boats. Your fishing guide will make sure that you not only have the best trip possible, at the choicest of fishing spots, but show the other wonders the Kenai River has to offer. It’s quite common to see amazing bears at the riverside, especially during spawning season. You can expect a good amount of fish by the end of your trip.

The Perks: When You’re Off The River

So what happens when you’re off the Kenai River? There are many different types of log cabins for you to choose from, some of which have luxury amenities. Furthermore, you can either choose to “catch and release” fish or keep some for later. Some fishing charters will flash freeze the fish and FedEx it to you, letting you enjoy the “memories” from your trio as trophies or even food.

If you’re going to make the effort to take the trip to Alaska, you may as well do everything you can to make it the best trip possible. Kenai River will give memories that will last forever. And most importantly, you can have the Alaska adventure of your dreams.

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