Make the Most of Your Alaskan Fishing Trip


Alaska fishing lodge

Do you love to fish? Do you dream of an Alaskan fishing trip? Maybe you want to stay in one of the famous Kenai fishing lodges. You are not alone. King salmon fishing in Alaska is very popular. King salmon can weigh up to 100 pounds and they are caught primarily in Alaska. A 97 pound fish was caught in the Kenai River, this was a world record.

Fishing is an incredibly popular activity. In 2013, more than 55 million Americans went on at least one fishing trip. Ten million of those people were between the ages of six and 17. It is a great family vacation.

For families who want to plan an Alaskan fishing vacation, perhaps it will include staying in one of the Kenai fishing lodges, you should consider the following tips to make your trip truly memorable.

  1. Go where the fish are. Sounds simple and self evident but people sometimes do not think about that when they plan their trip. Research where the Alaska fish species you want to catch lives and go there.
  2. Time your trip properly. Fish are constantly on the move and the fish you want to catch may not be in the area when you get there and that is often very disappointing for people who have planned every other aspect of their trip. Keep in mind that weather can be an issue so make sure you a. get insurance for your trip and b. have several times you would like to go. If your trip is cancelled due to bad weather, you should have a back up plan.
  3. Get off the road! Consider chartering a small plane to get you and your family to some more remote areas. It will cost you more but will be worth it. If you really cannot afford a plane, go to smaller towns and communities but they are not accessible from the main highway system.
  4. Go with a guide. If you do stay on the highway system, you can still have an amazing experience on Kenai River with a local guide. The staff at the Kenai fishing lodges can point you in the direction of a good guide with a boat and lots of information about where to catch the best fish.
  5. Go local. Regardless of if you go with a guide or on your own, talk to locals about the fishing conditions and where the fish are biting. The people at the local fishing shops will have the inside scoop on everything fishing related in the area and can be a great resource.

Planning a great Alaska fishing vacation can be easier than you think. Take advantage of the resources available such as the ones at the Kenai fishing lodges and be meticulous in your planning. The research you do before you go will pay off while you are there. The memories you create while on the trip will last a lifetime and your time fishing with your family makes for great bonding time. Even if you don’t catch a 97 pound fish, you can have the trip of a lifetime.

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