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There are millions of Americans that ride horses. Approximately 4.6 million people own horses, while one out of every 63 American is involved with horses in one way, shape, or form. In light of these numbers, it is easy to say that horseback riding or other equestrian sports are popular.
Just about every horse rider wants to have the best horse riding wear possible to look great, as well as feel comfortable when riding. The most common form of horse riding wear or equestrian clothes is probably horseback riding pants. Some people like to just wear jeans, while others may want more formal horse riding wear.
Formal horse riding wear or pants are commonly known as jodhpurs and riding breeches. You often see this style of horse riding wear at jumping and racing equestrian events. These types of riding pants are usually form fitting and are worn with English riding style boots. Riding boots can cost anywhere from $100 to many thousands of dollars in cost.
If you are planning on riding in a horse show, having appropriate riding wear or horse show attire is absolutely necessary. Not only are they functional, but also they can provide the look the can bring you home with a win. If you are a beginning rider, you need the essential helmet as part of your horse riding wear for safety purposes.
Horse riding wear should also include horse riding gloves to suite those pants and boots. While gloves are an important part of the look of horse riding wear, the also provide protection for the hands.
There are many different outlets and stores where you can find the best horse riding wear for you. If you are looking for Western wear, you can find stores that will appeal to the inner cowboy. Other stores will specialize in those English riding style jodhpurs and knee high riding boots. There are also many online retailers who offer the different styles of horse riding wear.
While you are choosing your horse riding wear, you may want to consider decking out your horse as well. You can find saddle blankets and other accessories that can complement your riding wear.
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