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The Right Accessories Make Your Dock More Than Just a Parking Space


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More than 20 million Americans own boats so that, when the summer arrives and the sun comes out, they can head out on the water to relax. While many have to battle long lines and hectic crowds a boat launches on busy days, others are lucky enough to own their own dock so their experience is always fun and convenient. Docks don’t ever have to be fancy, and even the nicest ones can have a simple look, but none are complete without the right accessories. One of the most useful is power pedestals that prevent boat batteries from ever draining.

Essentially, boat batteries work the same as they do in cars, and will charge up while they are out running. However, they could drain when they are parked. In order to prevent that, and make sure boaters have a full charge whenever they need it, they should think about installing a power pedestal. They make it easy for boaters to have the electricity they need to power all kinds of boating tools. Everything from GPS units to stereos need to be plugged in, and power pedestals that prevent boat batteries from draining can be quite helpful.

In addition, in order to make a dock as helpful as possible, owners should also think about installing fiberglass dock boxes. Carrying items like life jackets, water skis, and even sunblock to and from the house or car for every trip onto the water can be a hassle and the time it takes to do that might even stop boating trips altogether. Fiberglass boxes are strong, durable, and able to store all of the essentials so that, whenever a boater is ready to relax, they don’t need to do much more than untie and turn the key.

For those who want to turn their dock into a place to hang out, as well as park their boat, dock ladders are a perfect option. Jumping in to cool off after laying out in the sun and getting a tan is a must, but swimmers who don’t also want an upper-body workout when they have to pull themselves up will need a ladder for a bit of help. Of course, using galvanized steel dock hardware to secure it will help make sure that neither wind nor horseplay will cause the ladder to come free.

Owning a boat is a luxury, and having a dock to park it makes owning one even more fun. But without the right accessories, no dock will be completely functional.

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