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Reasons You Might Roll or Shave a Baseball or Softball Bat


Sports are an important form of entertainment around the world
and are distinct due to their rules of play and specific equipment used to play them. For tennis, there are racquets, basketball has hoops, baseball bats and catcher’s mitts, among other sports equipment. Baseballs and softball, which are two of the most popular sports in North American and Japan, require the use of high-quality and performance equipment by the players — both professional and beginners.

Several trusted brands manufacture softballs bats and baseball bats and catcher’s mitts, and so choosing the right one is important for your gameplay. These bats are either made of metal or wood, and some come ready for use without necessarily having to shave or roll. However, some players consider taking their wood or metal bats for rolling and shaving respectively for modification. Currently, you can even get ready-for-use rolled and shaved bats for sale online, which is more convenient than seeking the service in itself.

Rolled and Shaved Bats: Wooden Bats

he three types of woods used for making bats are maple, ash, and birch. Maple wood bats are dense and make quality wood bats. Birchwood bats, on the other hand, are softer and more flexible. Traditional wood bats were made of ash, which delaminates over many uses due to the constant pressure of striking balls. This allows bat a baseball or softball bat to bend and break the natural wood fibers, becoming flexible and deliver perfect strikes than normal.

If you have a wooden baseball or softball bat, you may want to consider taking it for shaving or rolling — a process that’ll subject your bat under pressurized rollers to unnaturally distress the fibers. You no longer have to spend countless hours naturally breaking in a bat. However, caution is recommended when rolling and shaving bats so as to avoid cracking or damaging the bat in the process.

Properly rolled and shaved bats offer better performance similar to a fully broken in bat, but now much faster than the standard time required to break it in. Remember that many professional tournaments restrict the use of rolled or shaved bats, thus making them only ideal for private practicing sessions, casual and friendly matches. Again it’s easy to notice a broken-in bat and so never use rolled bats in official games.

Softball Bat Shaving and Rolling: Metal Bats

This particular sport has, however, also seen the introduction of metal baseball and softball bats, which are different from wooden bats with their hollow design. Other features of metal bats include padding that is done on the inside of the bat to protect its structure during gameplay. Like wooden bats that are rolled to improve performance, metal bats shaved instead because they lack the natural fibers in wood. Bat shaving increases the trampoline effect on baseball or softball by thinning out the bat’s interior.

The process involves the removal of the bat end cap to expose the hollow interior padding, which is the part that’s scraped off using a rotating grinder. Like bat rolling, bat shaving is also done with a lot of caution not to remove excess padding, which may cause the bat to shatter during gameplay. Ideally, the scrapping is only done on the head and not the handle for similar reasons. The end cap is fixed back once shaving is complete, and it should be ready for use. Both rolled and shaved bats are burned in official games, but ideal for practicing sessions and friendly matches.

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