Sports Radio 610 Homepage Sports Radio 610 Unites Houstonians Through Sports News

Sports Radio 610 Unites Houstonians Through Sports News


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Houston residents may search for an event that unites their community. Sports radio 610 houston can offer a way to do that. By following the sports teams every Houstonians share in common, Sports radio 610 gives residents a common sense of purpose, and a way they can connect with each other.

Sports radio 610 covers the rich sporting scene Houston has to offer. Houston is one of the few American cities that hosts teams from the four major sports, including football, baseball, basketball, and soccer. The Houston Texans, a relatively new football team, have already made several NFL playoff appearances. The Houston Astros, the baseball team, won an NL pennant in the past few years. The Houston Rockets, the NBA team, won two league championships. Finally, the Houston Dynamo, the soccer team, serves the large Hispanic origin population of Houston.

Sports Radio 610 provides listeners with a wide range of programming. In the morning, the show In The Loop with Nick and Lopez covers morning sports news, and recaps the day before. For those who can only tune in later in the day, J and R has evening programming that late commuters can listen to, and get their latest sports news.

Surprisingly, not everyone who chooses to listen to sports radio 610 has to be a sports enthusiast, for there is other programing. Captain Mikey and Captain Bennie has a Saturday show on outdoors man activity. The Home Show with Tom Tynan, which also broadcasts on sports radio 610 on Saturdays, covers home repair and home improvement. These shows may complement the interests of a sports fan, but can be heard by those that are not.

Sports radio 610, much like Chicago sports radio online, connects listeners with sporting events around them. By covering sports in Houston, Sports radio 610 connects listeners with a common purpose in what can often be a confusing city. Sports radio 610, through social media and a Sports radio 610 phone number, creates community, and makes Houstonians excited to see their sports teams play.

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