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Taking A Look At The Rise Of Recreational Boating


As pontoon dealers know, recreational boating has been on the rise all throughout the United States. In fact, it is now estimated that hundred of thousands of people in this country – even millions of them – will participate in recreational boating at least once over the course of the year. In the year of 2016 alone, more than one hundred and forty one million people went boating at least once, with many of them participating in recreational boating on a very regular basis.

So too are boat ownership rates rising, something that has been hugely beneficial for everyone from new pontoon dealers to used pontoon dealers to all other types of boat dealers here in the United States. Marine sales in the year of 2016 brought in a total that exceeded thirty five billion dollars, which market an increase in sales for pontoon dealers and other types of boat dealers by as much as three and a half percent, a number that has only risen in the years that have followed. In total, this means that there are now more than twelve million registered boats in this country alone, many of them belonging to younger boat owners.

But why are more people than ever before becoming interested in participating in recreational boating endeavors? For one, the vast majority of people throughout this country – more than ninety five percent of them, in fact – live only an hour’s drive or even less away from at least one navigable body of water. Especially during the summer months, this has made boating incredibly accessible to a wide number of people, particularly the population of car owners all throughout the United States, a country that has more cars on the road than any other nation on this earth. In addition to the rising accessibility of boating as more and more people gain regular access to cars, there are also a wide variety of activities to do while boating.

For instance, many people will go fishing while boating, something that pontoon dealers can use to advertise their premier pontoons and even used pontoons, as pontoon boats are often ideal for this sport, just small enough to be easily manageable. And as many people are looking for a boat that is less than twenty six feet in length, pontoon dealers have found quite a bit of success as, in fact, up to ninety five percent of recreational boats sold fit these standards. Fishing can be a great way to destress, so much so that nearly forty percent of avid fishing participants say that this is exactly why they go fishing in the first place.

Pontoon dealers also often advertise their pontoons for sale as perfect for families. While pontoons come in a variety of sizes, most are big enough to hold the typically sized family, plus a few friends (depending on the number of friends, of course). Pontoon boats can easily be anchored so that those on board can go swimming, and it’s even enjoyable to simply spend time on the boat itself, though on hot and sunny days it will be of particular important to remember to apply sunscreen at least once every couple of hours, likely more frequently if you are going swimming and spending a lot of time in the water.

But though pontoon boats from pontoon dealers are now more affordable than ever before, it is still true that some people will struggle to make ends meet enough to get one, no matter how much they might want one. In these cases, used pontoons for sale often make a great alternative. Used pontoons for sale are often sold from reputable and experienced pontoon dealers and are likely to still be in quite good condition. While used pontoons for sale might not have all of the bells and whistles of newer pontoon models, they will certainly still be serviceable and very much enjoyable to make use of.

Here in the United States, boating sales and the popularity of recreational boating has grown simply astronomically. Boating is a hugely popular way that people spend much of their summer months, and boating has become more accessible than ever.

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