Tennis Terms Defined


Whether you a tennis fan and love watching or are just curious about it, there can be some confusing terms when it comes to playing the game. Tennis is an interactive sport that can help women burn up to 169 calories and help men burn up to 208 calories in 30 minutes. While everyone is familiar with the basic tennis court, including tennis raquets to play, tennis nets used for the game and tennis fencing used to contain the ball and for security, there are other terms relevant to the game that you may not be familiar with. Read below to familiarize yourself with some popular tennis terms used during the game.


The court is where all tennis action happens. A typical tennis court is rectangular versus square shaped. It measures 36 feet wide and 78 feet long. When doubles are played, players utilize the entire court for a tennis game. The alley is a term used within the court and it is the area between the sidelines on each side of the court. The backcourt is a term used to describe he area that surrounds the baseline , which is the area a the back that runs horizontally to the tennis nets and vertically to the sidelines.


A tennis stroke is when one strikes the ball over tennis nets with the tennis racquet which is the tool needed for the game. Most of them are made from graphite, but earlier versions were composed of wood. A serve is a special stroke used to begin the tennis game by hitting the tennis ball over tennis court nets. Once the ball is served there are a number of strokes used to return it. A forehand stroke is when the palm is facing upwards, a backhand stroke is when the the back of the hand is facing forward, and a volley stroke is when the player hits the ball as soon as it crosses over the net before it bounces on their side.


A point is a unit of scoring used during a tennis game. A point can be given by successfully hitting the tennis ball so the the opponent can not reach it, or by default. Players win a game and move onto the next. A set is considered to be six games. The player who wins a set by at least two games is declared the winner of the tennis game.

Tennis is a complex game that requires proper equipment to play. Players should engage in tennis court cleanup after games, and spectators should clear tennis court benches after a tennis match. Familiarizing yourself with the terms of the game can help you enjoy watching it or playing it more. Not all terms are confusing, there are just many terms used within the game, but these terms are definitely a good place to start.

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