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Three Signs that it’s Time to Replace your Boat Flooring


If you’re a seasoned boating enthusiast, chances are that you have your de-winterizing routine down to a science. In your hurry to get out to your boat show, fishing trip, or Huskies tail gating event, it’s easy to miss some of the other signs that your boat may be in need of maintenance. Boat flooring in particular only needs to be changed a few times in your boat’s life, but it’s still a crucial part of extending the life (and aftermarket value) of the vessel. If you haven’t already, here are three signs that it’s time to replace your boat flooring.

It’s Warped or Deteriorated

This should be pretty obvious. If there’s excessive water damage, the carpet doesn’t fit around your seats and cabin the way that it used to, or if there’s significant discoloration, it’s time to invest in new boat flooring.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time your Boat Flooring was Changed

Boat carpet only needs to be replaced a few times in your boat’s life, but if you’ve had your pontoon for 20 years and can’t remember making a change before, it could be time to consider new boat carpet. Glue in flooring in particular adheres to the bottom of the boat and needs to be literally pried from the bottom of your boat. Taking stock of what you have in your boat can also help you decide if you’d like to stick with what you have, or whether you’d like to switch to a snap in boat carpet. You can consult with experts as well to see if aquamat, marine carpet, or woven boat flooring is a good fit for your lifestyle.

The Floor is Just Ugly

If you’re starting to think twice about having your boat friends over for a fishing trip or a drink on the lake, it could be time to take out your outdated or decaying carpet. This is also true if you’re preparing your boat for resale, as you’ll want to have your boat in the best shape possible to show to buyers. Putting in a custom marine carpet or aquamat is a great idea if you’re looking to improve optics alone.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of marine carpet replacement, you should consult with an expert to decide what will work best for your boat. Fishing boats shouldn’t be outfitted like luxury yachts, so make sure you choose the right make for you.

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