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The Benefits of Turf Grass


Are you tired of watering your lawn during summer? If you have answered yes, then you should consider installing synthetic grass. Turf grass gives your landscape unmatched appeal. In addition, you can install the grass yourself to save money and time. Here is a great video that clearly illustrates a step-by-step DIY turf lawn installation process.

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A Ten-Step Process of Installing Turf Grass

Remove old grass by shovel or use a sod cutter for large-scale removal.

Level the ground using a creed system, especially for large areas.

Spread crushed rock to make the yard compact and help drain rainwater.

Spray weed and grass killer to ensure nothing else grows on your lawn. Next, nail a fabric and plastic barrier that allows water to seep but prevents weed from growing.

Spread the crushed rock evenly with a hard-faced rake, again.

Now water the whole area to enhance compactment and bind the rock. A plate compactor helps make the ground hard through vibration and weight.

Here is the best part. Lay your smart turf grass. Choose a brand that offers a big warranty and has anti-microbial features.

Cut perfectly with a sharp blade for uniformity. Nail about every five inches to ensure it holds to the ground firmly.

Hold the seams together using seam tape and adhesive. Ensure you nail down the seam to hold it firmly to the ground.

Apply a smart fill to give the grass a natural feel. A hard bristle brush will help smooth out the fill and disperse it evenly.

Lastly, water the lawn and enjoy the new look!.

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