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The New Forza Motorsport Looks Incredible


Motorsport has been a favorite pastime for many people. It is hard to pass up the allure of sleek cars racing at absurd speeds around corners. There are few things that match the adrenaline that one gets from racing these beautiful beasts known as racecars. Unfortunately, very few of us have the ability or car to race. However, this all changes in the world of online gaming.

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Forza Motorsport has brought back a beloved game and brought it into the realm of modern games. Watch this video to learn more about this fantastic game.

Forza Motorsport has been around since 2005 and has numerous iterations. However, the newest Forza Motorsport was recently announced by Microsoft’s Xbox. This new iteration brings the graphics and realism up to a whole new level. It makes use of real-time raytracing to make sure every photon of light is realistically rendered. Every car has been tirelessly recreated down to the smallest racing parts. It seems that no detail was spared. Even the grass is photorealistic. For many motorsport fans, it is going to be hard to wait until 2023 for this new Forza Motorsport game to release.


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