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The Best Football and Golf Gloves for the Game


Sports have been and always will be a popular way to pass the time or make a career, and two of the more popular sports include American football and golf, and what these sports have in common is the need for good gloves for a better game. Awesome football gloves can give a boost to the player while incorrect or bad quality ones can ruin the performance on the field, and golf players will need the right gloves for their game, too. It may sound silly, but sticky gloves are actually to be desired, and the best golf glove for sweaty hands can change a whole game. How can awesome football gloves and golf gloves make this difference?

The Sports in Action

American football is more popular than ever, and has undergone some changes since the late 19th century and throughout the 20th. During Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency, for example, game time was cut from 70 minutes to 60, and the equipment’s safety and nature changed, too. Gone are the days of “leather heads” from the 1920s; today’s helmets and padding are safer than ever, but this doesn’t mean that awesome football gloves don’t play a role in the game. And more currently, during the 2016-2017 school year, football high school participation reached 1.09 million people, and tackle football was also big. During 2017, about 5.22 million players aged six and up played the game. Golf, too, is huge: in a 2018 survey, 13.12% of respondents aged 18 to 29 said that they play this game, and according to a different study done by the National Golf Foundation, the highest percentage of golfers came from the 30-39 age group at 18,8% of all golfer,s followed by the 40-49 age group at 17.6%. So, what kind of gloves should all these players use?

Awesome football gloves need to do more than look good; they have to be tailored for the job and fit correctly for the player’s position, and may even feel like a second skin at times. According to Cuttes, grip is the main issue for a football player. Grip heavy palms are often a feature of any pair of awesome football gloves, since slippery palms will lead to dropped balls and failed catches. In fact, these gloves have to conform to pre-set standard for grip, so any that fail that benchmark should not be bought.

Wiping gloves’ palm and finger padding on a damp towel is often enough to keep them sticky enough in different weather conditions, and based on how dry the air is, repeated wiping may be needed. Also, gloves provide protection for football players, given how it’s an impact-heavy sport. Padding on the palms or back of the hands may be needed for players in more contact-oriented positions, but more padding means less flexibility, so buyers will have to keep that in mind when choosing a glove model. If gloves are too big, they cal slip and slide, which affects performance, and gloves too small constrict the hands and limit movement. Awesome football gloves will have good breathing fabric, to keep sweaty hands drier and cooler during gameplay. As a bonus, football gloves come a wide variety of patterns and colors for customization.

Golf gloves have their own priorities. According to Global Golf, one glove is worn, and it should be on the player’s dominant hand, not to mention be the right size. Leather and synthetic leather gloves are an option, with real leather being the highest quality and most expensive, and increasingly synthetic leather is less so. Rain gloves are water resistant, and winter gloves keep the hand warm during the year’s coldest months.

A golfer’s position is based on his/her dominant hand, but to prevent calluses or blisters, wearing gloves on both hands is an option. Choosing the right material for budget and preference is also important; leather is expensive, but doesn’t need elastic materials woven into it and last a long time. Synthetic leather gloves with elastic are budget friendly, but may become slick and worn out over time. Regardless of glove type, a player can remove it between rounds or holes to let the hand breathe and keep the glove from accumulating too much sweat.

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