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The History Of The Brunch Special How This Tasty Trend Became One Of America’s Most Beloved Traditions


You have a celebration that needs getting to and only so much time to set things up. You want to leave every guest feeling like they just participated in something truly special, setting the tone for the rest of the year. Where should you book a party?

Before you start searching on the where, start looking at the what. A fantastic brunch isn’t just about where you’re having it. It’s also about all the additional features that go into a lovely day. This can mean signing up for golf courses to whet your guests’ appetite. It can mean changing the menu to reflect the seasons or coming up with an absolutely delectable drink menu.

This is your chance to get creative. Let’s take a look at what goes into the perfect brunch.

First off…the history of brunch and why it’s become a beloved tradition in the United States. Brunch first began in England, taking a few decades to catch on in the States. Once it did, however, it became popular to celebrate with brunch before a wedding reception, baby shower, or birthday party. The brunch special has now become a feature of many restaurants and can even be the main highlight of the day, if you so choose. Combining breakfast with lunch…what’s not to love?

That’s not all your guests have to look forward to. One of the most popular sports around the world is golf, perfect for enjoying a relaxed afternoon with. Where brunch originated in England, golf first originated in Scotland (which would explain why golf courses are known for their rolling green hills). Brought over to the states by immigrants, the 1900’s saw an impressive boom of golf clubs around the country. A golf tournament before a delicious brunch special is a perfect way to celebrate something special.

Did you know a regulation golf ball has over 330 dimples? There are a lot of fun facts you can share with your guests about golf when they arrive, all to get them into the competitive spirit. The chances of hitting two holes in one in a single round is an astonishing 65 million to one. Never let it be said golf isn’t an active sport, either! A 175-pound man is able to burn nearly 500 calories just carrying clubs back and forth during an hour of play.

Reaching out to a golf association when designing your family brunch can give you a little variety. Your guests will have some much-needed fun, even burn some calories, then relax with friends. This goes for weddings, baby showers, whatever you think is in need of a lively and delicious occasion! According to recent statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings, around 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. This is a great place to start really thinking about your brunch special menu and how you can make it stand out from the rest.

What kind of food goes best with a championship golf course? A recent survey found a majority 65% of respondents stating ethnic-inspired breakfast and brunch items — such as Asian-flavored syrups or coconut milk pancakes — were the hottest trends. You could shake things up with Mexican cuisine or try an Indian style brunch to really dazzle your friends and family. The sky’s the limit! Pairing your brunch special menu with seasonal varieties, such as summery drinks, will be the garnish on top.

Golf, brunch, and good company. It’s the perfect ingredient for a perfect memory! Reach out to the Newark country club and book your next great escape for 2019.

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