The Key to Every Parent’s Sanity


Magnetic building sets

Every parent searches for those things that will entertain their kids and allow them to get chores done, bills paid, and maybe even a bit of peace and quiet. Finding things that will entertain these kids that long AND are good for their education and brain development? That’s practically the parenting holy grail. Educational toys are key for many parents, and a new type could hold the key to happier kids. To learn more about the magic of magnet toys, keep reading.
1) Magnet What? Firs things first: what are magnet toys? Magnet toys encompass a wide variety of children’s toys, including magnetic tiles, magnetic construction toys, and magnetic building toys. The common thread is an element of magnetism that allows these toys to be used in a way that engages and challenges your child’s brain. The global toy market, as of 2012, was an industry worth more than $84 billion. Magnetic toys are one slice of this industry that celebrate the classic fun of magnets.
2) Magnet How? So how exactly do magnet toys help to stimulate your child’s brain? First, it’s important to know that a child’s ability to learn increases by up to 25% by being in a stimulating environment. Since the brain continues to grow up until the age of 18, the benefits of a stimulating environment continue throughout childhood and adolescence. Magnet toys, particularly things like a magnet construction set, allow a child to engage in play that stimulates lots of their sense. Bright colors and interesting shapes, along with the power of magnetism, provide lots of inputs into their brain. Further, manipulating the toys and being able to build it into whatever their mind sees strengthens their creativity and spacial thinking. Both of these factors and big benefits for the educational aspects of play.
3) Magnet Who? Magnetic toys are a great option for kids of all ages. Younger kids can use the toys in simpler ways, including to learn colors, shapes, and explore the sensory aspects of touching the toys. As they grow older, kids can start to see how things fit together. As a child grow more curious about how magnetism works, magnetic toys can even launch a child into scientific exploration about the power of poles. Plus, most magnetic toys can be played with just about anywhere, meaning that not only can parent’s take advantage of their benefits while at home, but they can also bring them to keep little ones entertained while out in public.
Walking into any toy store will can be utterly overwhelming. The sheer number of toys available is incredible, but when you start to look for toys that can truly engage children in their environment and spacial and critical thinking, the options become more limited. Magnetic toys represent a great option for engaging, educational toys that may just be the key to parents being able to take care of business.

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