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4 Tips For Ensuring Maximum Awesome Levels On Your Next Camping Trip



Camping is a great way to get away from it all without going very far–and it’s about five times cheaper than the average domestic vacation! Whether you’re the head of a family planning a trip to some quaint little cabin or a lone ranger looking for good hunting and fishing, the following tips are good catch-alls to help you get the most out of your camping experience:
1. Research The Area
Before going anywhere overgrown by nature, it’s always a good idea to do at least some cursory research into the surrounding flora and fauna. If you’re a parent, this will help you warn your kids about the heavy poison oak off-trail. If you’re a hunter, it’s of course always important to know the game you’re tracking, and keep an educated eye on the prize.
2. Pack A PAPER Map
All too often nowadays we hear stories about campers getting stranded because the GPS on their phone died. And yet one of the main reasons we GO camping is to get away from the cloying technology all around us. To avoid a dangerous situation, make sure to take a map of the surrounding roads and, if possible, a map of the campsite with hiking trails clearly marked. A compass isn’t a bad idea either.
3. Strategically Invest In Camouflage
Started by the English during war time to avoid detection by the enemy, camouflage has since exploded onto the fashion and pop culture scene. But camouflage remains useful for its originally intended purpose–hiding. We are particular fans of camouflage patterned coolers and other food storage devices, as they offer an extra layer of protection against the camper’s number one enemy: bears! Bears can smell fully seven times better than dogs, and can detect the odors of improperly stored food from up to a mile away. However, a camouflage cooler properly stored high up in a tree using a pulley system will make it almost impossible to find! Speaking of which…
4. Safety First At The Campsite
In addition to storing food properly, it’s very important to do any cooking at least 100 feet away and downwind from your campsite. There should also be a strict buddy system and meeting point in place since cell phone signal is typically spotty on a campground. Finally, be conscious of any fires and make sure they are FULLY stamped out before leaving them unattended. As Smokey The Bear drilled into our heads long ago, “Only YOU can prevent…”
We’ll let you finish that one. Please comment below with any tips we missed or equipment recommendations!

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