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The Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Investing in Underwater Dock LED Lights


Marine dock lights

Are you looking to truly make your dock stand out from the crowd? Are you interested in attracting various types of fish to your dock to observe? If so, underwater dock LED lights are the right choice for you. Not only will underwater dock LED lights add color to your water and attract fish, but they can also help make your dock safer. Lights for docks can help enhance your waterfront property, whether it’s freshwater or saltwater. So why choose LED dock lights? What are the benefits of using them? What should I consider when choosing underwater LED dock lights?

Why You Should Purchase Underwater Dock LED Lights


Underwater dock lights can make your dock look awesome, with purple, green, blue, or white lights distinguishing your dock or waterfront. Having a dock party? The colored water will surely be a big hit with guests and make for stunning pictures.


According to the Centers for Disease Control, around 800 children drown every year and in 2015, there were over 4,000 recreational boating accidents in just the United States alone. Luckily, dock lights (and boat lights) can help prevent these tragedies from occurring. It can be tricky to see where the dock ends and the water starts in the dark, but with underwater dock LED lights, it becomes much easier.

Lights can also keep you abreast of who is entering your dock and lets possible intruders know that they can be seen.

Your Own Aquarium

If you have young children who are interested in marine life, dock lights can help attract various kinds of fish for observation. According to studies, the three best colors to attract marine life are white, blue, and green light. Many dock owners who install dock LED lights report on seeing a much wider variety of marine life — almost as if you have your own personal aquarium!

What are the Benefits of LED Dock Lights?

Underwater LED lights have a long life expectancy — the average is over 100,000 hours. That means if you use them for eight hours a night every week, those lights could last for 34 years without needing to be replaced. Not bad! Green LED lights are particularly effective, because of their shorter wavelengths. The light penetrates more of the water before scattering, making it more potent.

They’re also energy efficient and some models can use under 40 watts of energy. These dock lights are designed to be easily cleaned and environmentally safe, with various sizes and light diameters available, so you can customize the way you want your dock to look.

These lights will give off a brighter glow to really illuminate your dock and the water around it. LED lights are generally known for a brighter light, minimizing the amount of power used, lower costs, and being more environmentally friendly, so you can’t go wrong with these types of dock lights.

What Should I Keep In Mind?
If you’re wondering how to maximize the output of your underwater lights, you’ll want to consider three things. How bright the light is, what color the light is, and how clear your water is. These will all affect the range of your underwater LED lights.

Water clarity should be taken into especial consideration when deciding at what depth you’d like your light installed at. Generally, between four to eight feet is the suggested depth for the most positive performance.

You should compare a few models of dock lights — not all underwater LED dock lights are created equal! What does the light diameter look like? Is there an inner and outer LED color option? How much electricity is used and how much do they cost? What’s their calculated life expectancy? Finding reviews can also help make your decision easier.

Spruce up your dock area with fabulous underwater LED dock lights! With these dock lights installed, you’ll be able to wow friends and family with your light show, observe all kinds of marine life, and enhance security in one fell swoop.

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