What is Bat Shaving and Why Do It?


Bat shaving and rolling are two methods of breaking in bats so they can reach their peak play potential in a minimum amount of time. Breaking in a back correctly is an important process, but also takes time. Getting shaved Demarini softball bats or rolled Easton baseball bats right from the beginning can be great ways of getting broken-in composite bats ready for practice.

Why Do Bats Need to Be Broken In?

Composite baseball bats and softball bats do not function at their peak when their first bought. The materials actually improve in quality as they hit the ball a few hundred times. Most bats will hit their peak at 500 hits but will be ready to go and will do a decent job at around 200 hits. If you’re looking to use a bat for something like a home run derby or in batting practice, there are ways to get more power out of your back fast with bat rolling and shaping.

What Does Shaving a Bat Do?

Shaving your bat is simply removing the end cap to access the inner walls of the bat. Doing so changes the fibers of the wood so that the trampoline effect of the bat is increased. This means when you buy shaved Demarini softball bats, for instance, you can expect something in the neighborhood of 40 feet greater distance off a hit than with an unshaved bat.

How Is Shaving Done?

Most shaving processes, especially when the shaving is done in advance such as when you get shaved Demarini softball bats or baseball bats directly, are done with a digital lathe or drill. The drill will remove between 0.5 and 2 ounces of the bat’s weight. Some players even attempt to shave the handle of the bat, but this is never recommended. It seriously compromises the structural integrity of the handle and makes the handle likely to break.

What Does Rolling a Bat Do?

Rolling is sometimes performed in addition to or instead of shaving. Bat rolling stretches out the fibers and exerts pressure on all sides of the bat evenly. This pressure mimics what the bat would experience if it was hit multiple times, while simultaneously ensuring that the bat is evenly pressured in all directions. This makes it less likely that the bat will break in use.

How is Rolling Done?

When rolling is done professionally, the bat is first heated up to temporarily stretch the fibers of the wood. The bat is then placed between two rollers. A press is used to squeeze those rollers together. This compresses the wood fibers of the bat’s walls and thus increases the trampoline effect of a hit. Rolling does not typically increase the length of a hit like shaving does, but it does allow the bat to reach its full potential instantly.

Aren’t Bat Shaving and Rolling Illegal?

For league play, both bat rolling and bat shaving are illegal and will result in penalties. Rolling or shaving a bat also avoids any warranty on the product. However, such batt are only illegal in sanctioned play. They are quite useful for batting practice and to help batterers get used to the feel of a bat and concentrate on their form and swing. Just be aware that most league judges and umpires, as well as coaches, have been well-trained to spot rolled and shaved bats in official play.

Is it Worth Getting Shaved Demarini Softball Bats?

There are a number of reasons why you might legitimately use an altered bat. They are not banned for use in home run derbies or for batting practice. Hitting with them typically results not only in greater distance, but also in greater speed. This can provide excellent practice for people in the field. For the batter, using an altered bat during practice allows the hitter to focus on form instead of worrying about the bat. Altered bats are also frequently used for exhibitions and other non-regulation play.

If you want to improve your swing, provide some extra practice for your outfielders, or participate in a home run derby, getting some shaved Demarini softball bats or rolled worth bats can be a great way of accomplishing these goals.


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