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What Makes Golf And Football Some Of The World’s Most Popular Sports?


Sometimes you need a few fun facts to get you through that party.

You’re talking to people you don’t know and doing your best not to become part of the background decoration. You’re asked a question and given a chance to show off your knowledge. When you’re a little low on quips? It can be seriously embarrassing getting back up to speed. Sports are great topics to get people all on the same page on, whether they’re familiar with good football grip or occasionally watch a few rounds of golf with their family, and the list below will have more than enough interesting facts to get you through that awkward conversation.

Here are five fun facts about football and golf history!

Golf First Originated In Scotland

This can be a fun fact or common knowledge depending on where you stand, but it doesn’t make it any less interesting! Those beautiful green hills and rolling slopes you know and love from the average golf course aren’t just there for show. The game of golf first originated in Scotland and was brought over to the United States in the 1800’s through multiple immigration waves. Flash forward a few centuries later and golf is enjoyed by millions worldwide, both as a professional sport and a weekend hobby.

Footballs Have To Meet Strict Standards

Even the most casual observer of sports is well-aware each sport has its own long history and complex rule set. Football, one of the most popular sports around the world, is no different. The football itself needs to be carefully regulated to meet industry standards and even the tiniest detail out of place on the football grip or shape is grounds for instant rejection from football retailers. An official game football is required to be deflated or inflated to 13.0 PSI to meet standards.

Golf Is One Of Two Sports Played On The Moon

Now this is a fact to turn some heads! The moon isn’t exactly known for being a great vacation spot, but some things truly are universal. Golf is one of just two sports played on the moon, the other being javelin throwing, and this equipment is actually still on the lunar surface. If aliens are going to have any impression of us, it’s likely going to have something to do with our love of sports.

Football Games Used To Be Longer

For those who aren’t huge fans of sports, knowing that football games actually used to be longer might be pretty groan-worthy. Even huge fans can find themselves needing to take a breather or two after an intense match. Football games used to be just shy of 70 minutes long back in the day. New rules had to be established during President Theodore Roosevelt’s time in office to shorten these games by 10 minutes and create a much more reasonable frame of time to get the crowd engaged. You can imagine the difference in football towels and football grip if games took forever to finish!

Hitting Two Hole-In-One In One Round Is Super Rare

Last, but not least…we have the rarity of all these amazing golf feats. Golf isn’t just a fun way to wile away some hours with the family during the holidays. You can even make history in the Guinness Book Of World Records. The estimated odds of hitting two holes-in-one in one round are so rare they’re nearly impossible. How rare? A one in 64 million chance. The longest put ever made also reached nearly 375 feet. Never let it be said basketball and football has all the glory.

Got a few facts under your belt? Then put a smile on your face and get back to mingling!

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