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Want A New, Dynamic Hobby? Boating Is Rising In Popularity Among Families Of All Shapes And Sizes


Boating is a hobby that’s near and dear for many people.

There’s something almost magical about the open breeze on your face and the expanse of water all around you, isn’t it? This passion is only expanded with swimming, fishing and diving, all of which are even more readily available when you have a boat to call your own. Many families in the country adore this hobby, taking out their pontoon boats multiple times per year to usher in each new season and cultivate fond memories that will only grow warmer with time. Should you find yourself eager to join the adventure, but find yourself struggling with a lack of knowledge, the list below is for you.

Learn more about today’s boating culture, modern Artic cat dealers and how to go about choosing the right boat for your future memories.

How Many People Boat Today?

You won’t have to worry about meeting like-minded people when you start investing in your new hobby. Boating has always been a popular pasttime in the United States and it sees millions of people churning out in droves in the spring, summer and fall. Boating is considered a predominantly middle-class activity, with over 70% of boat owners boasting a household income of $100,000 or less. Whether you want to enjoy more time with family or start getting fit, boating is filled with potential to enhance your vacation time and idle weekend hours.

What Does The Boating Industry Look Like?

The boating industry is only getting more successful. That’s because the appeal of boating is one that extends beyond class and demographic, inspiring adventure and community in just about anybody. Yearly sales of American boats, marine products and services climbed by 3% or so in 2016, reaching an impressive $35 billion that is expected to keep growing throughout 2018. For those that are eager to see their dollar doing a lot of good, you’ll be happy to know nearly 95% of boats sold in the United States are made in the United States.

What Size Boat Should I Choose?

Where someone might want to enjoy a few rounds of fly fishing with a close friend, another person may want a boat to supplement family camping activities. Over 90% of boats on the water (including powerboats and personal watercraft) in the United States are small in size, usually less than 26 feet, and are able to be trailored to a vehicle. The average pontoon boat, under ideal conditions, can reach 30 miles per hour with one person. This lowers to 20 miles per hour with 10 people under maximum capacity.

How Do I Practice Boat Safety?

Before you reach out to Artic cat dealers to ask about their sales it’s important to emphasize the need for boat safety. Just like owning a car or a motorcycle your boat can be a great source of enjoyment for you, your family and your friends. It’s also a big responsibility. Boating property damage reached a staggering $50 million back in 2016, ranging from minor damage to crashes that saw multiple people injured. Children should always be supervised when on a boat, even if you’re only leaving temporarily, and boats should never be operated while under the influence of alcohol.

Which Pontoon Boats For Sale Are Right For Me?

When you’re ready to invest in a hobby that’s as fun as it is relaxing, Artic cat dealers are ready. Pontoon boats for sale come in enough shapes and sizes to accommodate your interests, but not so complicated you’ll have to bend over backwards. The recreational boating industry in the United States has a yearly economic impact of $120 billion, supporting an impressive 650,000 direct and indirect American jobs. This is on top of nearly 35,000 small businesses. Asking Artic cat dealers what you’ll use your boat for, and how often, will guide you to the watercraft you’ve always wanted.

A used boat for sale is just around the corner with your name on it. Are you ready for the ocean’s spray?

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