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Wild Horse Tours are a Great Way to Enjoy a Vacation Afternoon Away From the Beach


Outer banks wild horses

In the Wild West, from the 18th century until early in 20th century, cowboys known as “mustang runners” would catch, tame, and sell the wild horses. Today, most wild mustangs generally live free in Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and even North Carolina and their population is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. Unfortunately, one of the more depressing facts about wild mustangs is that, though more than two million roamed the North American terrain 100 years ago, just 30,000 remain. Over the years, there have been a number of different factors that have contributed to that trend. However, though their population is dwindling, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to see and enjoy them. Taking wild horse tours is a fun way to spend a relaxing and memorable afternoon with the family.

Wild Spanish mustangs were brought to the United States hundreds of years ago during the Spaniards’ earliest discoveries and conquests. In fact, the term “mustang” is derived from the Spanish “mustengo,” which means “ownerless beast” or “stray horse.” Seeing the horses in a more natural setting, free to run on their own, makes them more majestic and beautiful than when they when seen in caged in areas, barns, or race tracks. As a result, Corolla wild horse tours offer a unique and memorable experience that can make a family vacation unforgettable.

Before going out on a tour, you should take some time to learn interesting facts about wild mustangs. Though an experienced guide will certainly have lots of information and their own facts about wild horses, if you want to spend your time enjoying the sights, rather than trying to listen to speakers, you might want to do a bit of research before setting out. Some facts, like how mustangs live in large herds and are primarily known for their speed and grace can let you know what to look for while observing them in their own environment.

Finding things to do when you go on vacation with your family, — other than spend all day soaking up the sun at the beach — can be a bit difficult, especially in an area you are unfamiliar with. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities, though often overlooked, is wild horse tours. Getting ready for them by learning some fun facts about wild mustangs before going can help make the experience even more worthwhile.

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