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Enjoy Wild Horses Running Free on a Fun and Exciting Tour


Facts about wild horses

Despite their name and history, wild Spanish Mustangs are almost entirely extinct in Spain. Originally, they came to the Americas during the conquest of the region and now are generally domesticate. However, there are still some places where you can go on a tour and see them in their natural habitat. In the United States, they generally live in the west and are mostly found in Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming and Montana. Their population is controlled by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to make sure that their numbers remain and they do not become completely extinct in the wild.

Interestingly enough, they can also be found in the Outer Banks region of North Carolina. The area is popular for its long sandy beaches and is perfect for vacationers, but Outer Banks wild horse tours are the best option for many people who want to enjoy their natural beauty. Outer Banks wild horses are unique from others in that they can often be found running around on the beach or even stepping a few yards into the ocean. It is certainly a fun scene to take in for family vacationers or just groups of friends with a little free time on the weekend.

One of the facts about wild mustangs that makes taking tours so fun is that they generally live in large herds. That means, when you find one of the wild Spanish Mustangs while you are on a tour, you’ll likely run into many more. As a result, your tour will be a lot of fun and there won’t be any dull moments. While you can’t get out of the truck or jeep and saddle up — even though you might want to when you see them running free — simply watching the beautiful animals is a lot of fun.

Around a century ago, there were some two million mustangs roaming North America. Today, that number is all the way down to around 30,000. Unfortunately, that means seeing wild Spanish Mustangs is a lot more difficult than it once was, and going on a tour is generally the best way to do so. Tours are a great way to spend a relaxing and fun afternoon with friends or family. Good references here.

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