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The Lake For Boats and More

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There are some statistics about boats that are worth noting. They are:

  • Boating property damage totaled $49 million in 2016
  • Recreational boating industry dollar sales are expected to rise between 10-11% from $8.4 billion in 2016.
  • 95% of boats sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.
  • Sales of new powerboats have increased between 6-7% over 2016.
  • The recreational boating industry has an annual economic impact of more than $121.5 billion, supporting 650,000 direct and indirect American jobs.
  • 95% of boats on the water in the U.S. are small in size at less than 26 feet in length.
  • 95% of all Americans live within an hour?s drive of a navigable body of water.
  • Boating is predominantly ?middle-class? with 72% of boat owners having a household income

All The Facts On Snowmobiling

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Over the past twenty years, the culture that surrounds sports across the globe has completely changed. This is due to so many different factors and it is hard to pin this change down to just one factor. But one thing remains to be true, the world around us is constantly changing.

One of the huge changes over just the past decade involves the rise of what many views as alternative sports. These are sports that exist outside the norms of sports like baseball, football, and basketball. These sports include sports that are held at teh X Games for instance. This can include snowmobiling, skateboarding, and snowboarding as well.

The first X Games was held in the year of 1995 and at this first event, there were over 198,000 people in attendance. So even from the beginning, the X Games found a legitimat