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Cooler Sizes and Styles Select the Best Cooler for Your Camping Trip


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Cooler sizes and styles vary greatly. Some coolers are perfect for lunches or picnics, and other heavy duty coolers or backpack coolers are better for camping, fishing, or hunting. If you are planning a camping trip, it is important to buy the best kind of cooler for being out in the woods, amidst nature, the elements, and wildlife. Since camping is so popular (it is estimated that a few years ago, 38 million people in the US went camping), cooler selection is also important. If you’re searching for a camping or hunting cooler, check out these tips for selecting the correct type of cooler:

Make Sure it Blends in
Camo coolers are fantastic ways to help hide your cooler from predators in the woods while on a camping trip. Cooler sizes for camo coolers vary, and depending on how many days your staying, you might need a small or large one. Camo coolers will ensure your cooler blends in and does not attract unnecessary attention.

The Sturdier, the Better
Did you know that in order to be deemed “bear-proof” coolers must withstand an hour of contact with a bear? Buying a bear-proof cooler is no joke. If you know you’ll be near wildlife or larger animals, buying a cooler that is difficult to break into can ensure your provisions remain safe. Many camping coolers are often heavy duty, so be sure you don’t skimp on quality when it comes to this purchase.

Know Your Size and Style
Cooler sizes are important in the decision making process. You have to take into account the number of days of your trip, the amount of cooled food you plan on bringing, and the number of people you are feeding. However, it is also important to ensure you bring enough ice or ice packs (depending on the cooler style) to last throughout your trip. Not storing food property can also get your food or car impounded, or might result in a fine or loss of your camping license. Different style coolers can also help you separate different foods that may need to be cooler than others.

Buying a cooler for camping is an important decision. Cooler sizes, styles, and strengths range greatly. Just make sure you do not cut back on quality for your own health and safety.

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