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Got Green? Eco-Friendly Pool Solutions That Take the Cost and Guess Work Out of Having a Pool


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Having a pool is a pretty sweet deal, however, the time, energy, and expense of properly maintaining one can put a damper on your summer fun. Luckily however, there are several ways to enjoy the “cool” benefits of having a pool, while making the task of maintaining one a piece of cake.

Protecting and preserving the environment is in the hearts and on the minds of nearly all Americans these days, especially pool owners. By implementing high efficiency pool equipment such as an economical heat pump, pool owners can greatly reduce the cost of owning and maintaining a pool. In addition to economical heat pumps, pool owners can also take advantage of other high efficiency pool equipment such as energy efficient pool pumps, energy efficient automated pool cleaners, and eco-friendly pool sanitization solutions.

Balancing water purity and clarity with energy efficiency is a struggle pool owners know all too well. However, there are a variety of economical and eco-friendly solutions that make achieving this balance that much easier. For example, the niche market for salt water and eco-pools and ponds is rapidly expanding as more and more pool owners discover the benefits of these two options.

Salt water pools may sound exotic, however, they use plain old table salt — sodium chloride — to sanitize the water in a process known as salt chlorination. The salt is converted into chlorine and then back into salt for the pattern to repeat itself. Not only is this option affordable, but it also is highly effective in eliminating the harsh odors, itchiness, and red eyes associated with traditional chlorine.

Eco-pools, on the other hand, don’t really resemble pool at all. In fact, they look more like a pond filled with native, aquatic plants. Eco-pools are designed to be as self-cleaning as possible and use plant-based ecosystem to purify the water instead of harsh chemicals. The highly oxygenated water of eco-pools keeps harmful algae, bacteria, and fungus at bay, allowing users to enjoy swimming in a more natural feeling pool.

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