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Creating a You Own Backyard Oasis for the Perfect Summer Staycation


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Although the economy seems to be on the up and up, people are still penny pinching just in case another rainy day should rear its ugly head again in the future. As such, people are ditching exotic vacations to foreign lands — or even within the U.S. — for what’s now being called a “staycation”. Yes, staycations have become a thing and a popular one at that.

So if you’re planning a backyard getaway this summer, it’s time to get your pool in tip top shape. First thing’s first: keeping the water clean. As a homeowner, you understand the importance of maintaining your pool. In fact, it’s a year round job. Even in the winter, it’s still important to check your pool’s chemistry at least once per week.

When things really start to heat up during the summer months, your pool’s chemistry should be checked twice per week at the very least. In fact, your pool water can easily turn fifty shades of gross green in as little two to three weeks without proper maintenance.

While employing manufacturer-recommended pool sanitization solutions is especially important when creating your own personal backyard oasis for your well-deserved staycation, don’t forget to employ exterior design techniques to create a cohesive look. Sure, it’s important to make sure you have enough swimming pool products for the summer and all your pool’s systems are working properly, but enjoying your pool is also about creating an environment that’s just waiting to be experienced.

You can achieve this by installing an LED pool lighting system if you don’t currently have one. Or, trying installing replacement pool lights to replace any old, outdated, and inefficient pool lighting. Replacement pool lights are an energy efficient way to add color, contrast, and dimension to your pool as well as your entire outdoor area. The best part? They’re affordable!

In addition to pool lighting, consider the rest of the space. You may want to add some landscaping for privacy, and perhaps it’s time to update your outdoor furniture. Little touches such as these are a great way to create a cohesive look.

So this summer, give your pool a makeover and kick back, relax, and enjoy the oasis you created.

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