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How Golf Cart Rental Companies Can Help Up Your Golf Game


The YouTube video “Renting a Golf Cart? Here’s what you need to know” highlights basic information that golf cart renters need to know. Driving a golf cart is fun and exciting. You can either rent from a golf cart rental company or opt-out. Renting a golf cart is more suitable for special occasions like weddings or family reunions because it is less expensive and relatively easy to get. Also, you do not have to do your maintenance when renting one.

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Regular golf cart maintenance is quite costly, but when you opt for renting, you do not have to do so.

Several golf cart rental companies offer golf carts for rent. However, the laws surrounding them are similar. One crucial law you must be mindful of when driving a golf cart is that all traffic rules when driving a vehicle also apply when riding a golf cart. You shouldn’t drive a golf cart under the influence, without a license, or under the lawful age. Doing so warrants a citation. Children are also prohibited from riding in the passenger’s seat. Parents or guardians of a child are liable to a fine if caught. Driving a golf cart on the highway is also highly prohibited. Most golf cart rental companies educate riders on all rules and regulations before they get on board to keep all riders safe.


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