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The Powersports Technology That is Beyond All of Us


While many auto repair shops concentrate on selling parts and performing repairs on your vehicle, few engage in training students interested in learning about mechanics, repair, and maintenance services. A YouTube video titled ” Powersports Technology” posted on the “Central Tech” channel details what students learn at Central Tech and the method of instruction that keeps them engaged and helps them pick up skills more quickly.

The topics covered in the video are safety concerns, suspension theories, engine overhaul, fluid systems, maintenance, transmissions, fuel systems, drivelines, and automobile braking. Students gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skill transfer, not only in disassembling and reassembling items but also in understanding the mechanics of some theories underlying their operation, such as why parts fail in the first place.

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The Central Tech is Hi-Tech, as they use tablets to access online service manuals to assist them in repairing parts. Additionally, students can work on actual mechanical issues when customers bring their units in for repair. Among these activities are routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes.


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