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How to Hit Your Golf Ball Further


The idea behind golf is getting the ball in all the holes with the fewest strokes. Smacking it into the next county gets the ball rolling, so to speak, but how do you do hit it farther, short of taking golf lessons?

Adjust Your Stance

At the range, you’ll practice your shoulders’ position as well as how the ball rests on the tee. This stance and the ball’s position set up the way you’ll hit it farther.

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Stay In The Middle

When a club comes up from under the tee, the ball flies through the air, but not very far. Hit it from an angle, and the same thing happens. You’re aiming for the middle of both ball and club.

The video shows you how Alex centers a dot on the ball and clubs with a marker. This can be done with all the clubs, not just the driver. It further instructs you to aim the club for the middle, too, so the dots on the club and ball meet.

Get A Driver Built For You

Club fitters will help you find a driver that’s just right for your swing. Aim it right, and you’ll be hitting your stride every time.

Getting a golf ball to go farther, outside golf lessons, is a matter of aiming the center of the club to the center of the ball. Come slightly down on the ball to avoid coming up from underneath it, and you should do alright.


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