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Keeping the Court Green: Steps to A More Eco-Friendly Tennis Court


Though it might just seem like a painted patch of clay in the sun, owning and maintaining a tennis court can actually have a big negative impact on the environment. From litter to water waste, a tennis court is surprisingly unhelpful for protecting the natural habitat.

Luckily, with the right tennis court equipment, you can keep your courts a little cleaner and a little greener. Here are four ways to encourage more eco-friendly behavior at your tennis court:

Supply Plenty of Tennis Court Trash Baskets and Recycling Bins

No one wants their tennis court to be littered with empty water bottles, food wrappers, and other rubbish. Not only does such refuse make a public or private court unpleasant, but trash left to drift in the breeze goes on to damage the natural flora and fauna. Protect the environment by supplying visitors with plenty of options for trash and recycling disposal. Keep a bin near tennis benches, entryways, and restrooms for convenience and cleanliness.

Only Buy Equipment You Really Need

Another way to reduce environmental harm is to simply use less stuff. Ask yourself whether or not you really need a tennis court divider or fancy new tennis message board before making your purchase. By reducing supplies, you’ll enjoy the added bonus of saving money, simplifying cleanup, and ensuring that your court is stocked only with the best equipment.

Conserve Water When Cleaning

Tennis courts measure 78 feet in length, and courts are 27 feet wide for singles and 36 feet wide for doubles. Though it may not seem like much space, cleaning and maintaining such a surface requires significant amounts of water. Whenever possible, conserve precious water by cleaning only before important matches or when the court is really soiled.

Recycle or Donate Old Equipment

Finally, instead of throwing it away, consider recycling or donating old tennis gear. If you no longer need a tennis court divider, ball carts, or even older tennis balls, ask around to see which organizations in your community might accept used supplies. Elementary schools or summer camps might take in used tennis nets, and a dog shelter might love a donation of used tennis balls.

With a little effort and planning, you can make any tennis court more eco-friendly. If you’re lucky, you’ll also save money and help your local community along the way. For more information or to order tennis supplies, contact All Star Tennis Supply today!

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