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Solving the Age-Old Golf Course Geese Problem


If you’re an avid YouTube watcher, then chances are you have seen the viral videos of huge flocks of geese terrorizing golf courses. The geese problem has been an age-old dilemma for golf course companies. Not only do geese deter customers from their golf game, they also leaf poop all over the course, causing the landscapers to work overtime on clean-up duty. Geese are also incredibly noisy, making golf an extremely loud ordeal. To get rid of geese, golf courses have taken a variety of approaches.

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In this video, we will learn how one course became their very own geese removal company.

This golf course owner has developed the Goosinator, a modified model boat that can run on grass and haze the pesky geese off of the golf course. This method has proven much more effective that the hot sauce and repellant techniques they have tried in the past, and it abides by all of the community guidelines. They do not haze geese in the spring when the babies are just hatched. In addition the Goosinator is non-fatal and only scares the geese instead of causing them any harm. All hail the mighty Goosinator!


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