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How to Choose the Right Bow For You


In this YouTube video, Guildbrook Farm looks at several things a person should look for when choosing the right bow for them. Also, keep these points in mind when you shop at archery stores online. A person needs to know the different types of bows. Each bow type has different shooting abilities.

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A longbow is very tall and has no arrow rests or arrow sights. It doesn’t have as much velocity behind it.

The recurve bow is usually one piece but shorter than the longbow with endpoints that curve back towards the archer. Less strength is needed to draw these and provides more velocity than the longbow.

A compound bow has pulleys and cables built into them that allow archers to achieve more draw weight. This capability gives more velocity. These bows are primarily used for game hunting, both large and small.

The crossbow is a short version of a compound bow held out at the end of the forearm before shooting. It releases the arrow with a trigger mechanism, giving it a similar feel to a gun. The legality of owning one varies depending upon the state.

Before purchasing, a person should determine their dominant eye and their draw length. An archery shop can help with this. All bows should be shot in person before picking one. Each bow will feel different to each person who holds and shoots it.

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